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Spirit Types

Spirit Types


Residual - A Residual Spirit is a haunting that is recorded in time to be played back at a later date. These apparitions do not interact, nor do they know you exist. This event would happen whether we're there watching or not. A traumatic event at a particular location being played over and over.

Anniversary - These are hauntings that happen at the same time and date every year. Anything having meaning to the deceased. Can be alongside a residual or confused as one. This type of haunting is what it is an (Anniversary), meaning returning to re-enact an event in time.

Intelligent - These spirits try to attract your attention by using an interactive approach such as creating odors, making noises such as footsteps, doors opening and closing, cupboard doors slamming, objects moving or disappearing and showing up at different location. They can be vocal at times like calling your name or names of family members being heard.

Poltergeists - In the German language, the word poltergeist means noisy ghost. These are often confused or associated with intelligent spirits. This types of haunting can be obnoxious and disruptive to the family. Objects being hurled, pushing and even pinching at times. Believed not to be evil, just trying to let us know that they are there, This spirit usually attaches itself to a teenage female in the family. Puberty is/and can be very stressful in ones stage of life. Strong emotions in the family may attract this type of haunting..