TriCounty Paranormal Group

Spirit Stages

Spirit Stages

Stage 1: This is the weakest stage of activity. You sense being watched or not alone in a room.

Unusual noises or sounds
Cold spots
Unfamiliar odors
Footsteps being heard

Stage 2: At this level you begin to distinguish or perceive things more clearly.

Unfamiliar Voices
Visible markings on windows or mirrors
Cloudy substances

Stage 3: At this stage the events are more pronounces. You now begin to realize this is real. You now may have a true haunting.

Doors open and close by themselves
Clearly hearing voices
Physically being touched
Lights, TV, and radios turning on and off
May attempt to communicate with the occupants of the house

Stage 4: This is now what you can call a poltergeist. It is getting stronger, and is now aware of its surroundings.

Objects disappear and show up later at a different location
Small items levitate
Glass breaking for no apparent reason
Half or full apparitions

Stage 5: At this stage it is now a full-blown poltergeist and could be harmful. Its energy is so strong at this level that it can hurt people. Sometimes by accident or deliberate.

Hair pulling

Items 30 pounds or more being thrown
Objects being to animate such as dolls or stuffed animals etc
Electrical appliances becoming erratic