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   Many times when people find out we are Paranormal Investigators, one of the first questions out of their mouths is “Are you Psychic?.” To which anyone of us in the group (at least at this point in our lives) must respond “No, Decidedly not. Although it might make things a little easier if we were.      
     However, as a result of such questions , we thought perhaps a Terminology area with definitions would be helpful, or at the very least interesting for both our fellow investigators and intrigued enthusiast followers.
     In these terms (which we may add to occasionally) we hope not only to cover terms commonly discussed in our group, but also in paranormal investigations in general. As a result we have not only Equipment & spirit types classified, but also some New Age terms that tend to come up as well.

Alien: Also known as an Extra-Terrestrial. These creatures are purported to come to this planet from
                                somewhere else in the universe, be it another planet, another solar system or
                                another dimension. Descriptions vary widely, and I have even heard of a Theory
                               (from Mr. John Michael Greer in his book: Monsters An Investigators Guide to
                                Magical Beings) that states Aliens and Faeries may actually be the same

A.P.P.: Accidental Paranormal Phenomena. Commonly occurring objects from everyday life happenings
                                that when blurred “appear” to be “Ghosts” or “Orbs.” {Also may be a result from
                                developing issues during the film or print developing process} APP is known for
                                happening on both film and digital photography. For more information on APP,
                                please check out our Fact & Folklore section.

Big Foot: (Also known as: Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Skunk Ape, Sasquatch) Tales of this creature
                                date back 100’s if not 1000’s of years & are spoken of in a great many cultures &
                                Continents.  Rumored to be a Large Ape like creature that is Bi-pedal, supposed to
                                have an eye watering wretched stink and ranges in height from 7-10 feet tall.
                                They seem to like Heavily Forested & desolate areas that are mountainous and
                                snowy for a good part of the year, in addition to having a good stream or cavern

Channeler: One who practices the art of Channeling. * See also Transmedium *

Channeling: The act of inviting an entity into your body to communicate with those around you. During
                                this process the entity may choose to communicate vocally or in other forms 
                                (such as writing, painting, etc…) which don’t require another person present to
                                question the entity.
                                It is important to note that this is a VERY RISKY way to communicate as there is
                                no guarantee that he entity you have invited into you will be willing to leave.
                                Therefore it is extremely important one not attempt this unless they are
                                experienced in & regularly practice communication with their Highest Spirit Guides.

Clairaudience: The ability to hear spirit/ghosts. Often this starts as whispers that are nearly
                                uncomprehendable. Normally this starts as we are passing in or out of the sleep
                                state, as we are more open to messages during this time because our brains
                                have not tuned in yet. We are basically ½ in and ½ out of sleep. Do not confuse
                                this with Lucid Dreaming however. In the beginning it may seem like a Radio or TV
                                that was left. You can hear talking, but the volume is too low to understand what
                                is being said.  Ringing & buzzing in the ears can also be indicative of this (But
                                ringing and buzzing in the ears can also be caused from medical issues). Hearing
                                sounds like music, when there is no physical reason for it being there is a sample
                                of experiencing Clairaudience, as is hearing your named being called or laughing.

Clairfragrant: The Ability to smell spirit. Often the quick passing of a scent such as flowers, perfume,
                                cologne, cigarettes or cigar smoke are most described. Basically, however, it is
                                the smelling of an odor that has no physical basis for being present & is connected
                                to a person(s) that is no longer living.

Clairgustus: The ability to taste spirit. This is the least common form of sensing spirit. This does not
                                mean that you are actually “tasting ghosts.” It is the taste(s) associated with a
                                particular departed person. For instance Aunt Nessie dies and takes to the grave
                                with her, one of her famous dishes that no one else in the family can replicate, but
                                suddenly one day the taste of that dish is in your mouth as if you were actually
                                eating it (even though you are not eating at the time). Obviously tastes left in the
                                mouth after such occurrences as burping or acid reflux are not part of Clairgustus.
                                However it is not uncommon for sweet and/or sour tastes in the mouth not
                                associated with eating to be part of Clairgustus as well.

Clairsentience: The book definition of this, as given by Mr. Ted Andrews in his book “Psychic
                                Protection” states: “Chills & Goosebumps; changes in temperature; walking
                      through hair adrenaline rushes; spider web feeling on face when none are present;
                                changes in air pressure around you; & Light headedness.” With all due respect to
                                Mr. Andrews as I do admire and follow his work, I feel that these need to be
                                classified under a all together different class. One of sensing. One of touch.
                                However there has yet to be a Clairtouch or Clairsensation that I am aware of. Or
                                any other such “Clairsomthing” to describe the actual touching of an individual by
                                a spirit.  Clairsentience as I have come to understand it is a knowing of something
                                without any way of knowing the answer. I am not talking about precognition (the
                                ability to know something a head of when it will happen). One example of
                                Clairsentience is the 10 year old who can describe in perfect detail how the old
                                woman ghost in the house died in a fire there-even though the child has no
                                knowledge of the house history & perhaps has never even seen the house before
                                this day-or even without ever seeing the house. For lack of a better description,
                                Clairsentience is a deep guttural knowing “that something is right” or “how to do
                                something” with no prior conceived knowledge . Often the person experiencing
                                Clairsentience isn’t aware of it at first, until they have had many occurrences that
                                are backed up with facts about each particular situation that’s hints to them that
                                they have some sort of knowing without any known basis for it.

Clairvoyance: The ability to see spirit & spirit phenomena. This often begins in childhood but is quickly
                                blocked out because we are told we’re “seeing things.” We’re taught to be
                                ashamed of this. Seeing typically starts as catching shadowy movements out of
                                the corner of your eyes. Later in development we begin to pick out detail. Often
                                these forms are seen in the between places of our lives (doorways, windows,
                                mirrors). Actually seeing “objects move or thrown” by spirit is also covered under
                                clairvoyance but is not to be mistaken with telekinesis.

Cryptozoology: The study of creatures whose existence has yet to be proven by modern science. This
                                covers creatures such as: the Mexican El Chupacabra, The Sasquatch (aka: Yeti,
                                Big foot, Abominable snowman, Skunk ape), Werewolves, Tasmanian Tiger &
                                Nessie (the loch ness monster). This is a highly specialized area in Paranormal
                                studies and the only group I have heard of delving into this at this point resides in

Cult: A group of people led by one individual whom dictates to them: how things are to be done, what
                                they can eat, who they can be friends with, etc.   Some of the darker examples of
                                this are: The Branch Davidians, Heaven’s Gate, The KKK, & The Solar Temple.

Demon: Basically the Devil’s Henchmen. Hell (like Heaven) has a hierarchy with different levels & so
                                depending on how high ranking the demon is, will depend on how nasty and
                                virulent they are.

Demonologist: One who studies Demonology, in an attempt to understand Demons, how they
                                 function, interact with each other as well as people and their rankings.

Demonology: The Act of studying and classifying Demons.

Devil: (Also known as Satan, Lucifer) The Devil is the embodiment of all that is evil, corrupt, sad,
                                without hope, and unholy. In scripture it is said that Satan is a fallen angel who
                                once served god, but now leads the revolt against him

Devil Worshipper: One, who as the name implies, worships the devil. Often seen as dark practitioners
                                of magick.

Digital Voice Recorder: This little device has been seen on every ghost show imaginable these days.
                               A modern day version of the tape recorder, these little gadgets are used for
                                recording audio during investigations and come in nearly every price range.
                                Although I can say from personal experience… You get what you pay for when it
                                comes to these little guys.

D.V.R.: A Digital Video Recording System. This system by far gained its largest notoriety on the show
                                Ghost Hunters. It is nothing more than a series of cameras set up to
                                simultaneously record & save video feed. Multiple units hook up to a monitoring
                                system/station that is set up in a separate room & allows the investigator to view
                                multiple cameras at once.  Both Corded and uncorded varieties are available and
                                come with their own pros and cons.

Divination: A means by which one uses tools to communicate with: the Dead, God, their Higher Self,
                                etc… Some even try to tell the future. Such tools include but are not limited to:
                                Runes, Tarot cards, Oracle decks, Pendulums, Ouija Boards (aka Spirit Boards), I-
                                Ching, Dowsing rods, Tea Leaf reading, Crystal Ball gazing, automatic writing.
                                Please note that not all forms of divination are as safe as others, and each comes
                                with its own inherent risks.

El Chupacabra: Translates to mean “Goat Sucker.” This supposed creature predates mainly on
                                 livestock and as its name suggests, its preferred meal is goats, but has also been
                                 known to attack small animals such as chickens & rabbits. It is rumored to drain
                                 the blood of the animal completely.  Reports of this creature seem to be
                                 contained to Northern Central America, Mexico & the sandy South Western
                                 region of the US (such as New Mexico). To Date (as far as I have heard) there
                                 has never been an attack on a human. They are reported to have glowing red
                                 eyes though-which seems to be the haunting factor in encountering this creature.

E.M.F.: Electromagnetic Field. This is a field put off by every living thing. It can be measured by a piece
                                of equipment known as an EMF Meter. More commonly this device is used to
                                check for faulty wiring by electricians (bad wiring will emit HIGH EMF. This can be
                                used to alert  the electrician to possible fire hazards in the electrical wiring). A
                                Paranormal Investigator will use these meters in two ways. (1) Same as an
                      electrician. They take a baseline in the area being investigated to rule out naturally
                                occurring high EMFs.  High EMFs can cause hallucinations, dizzy spells, as well as
                                cause physical health problems. (2) Once we have a base line and the
                                investigation has commenced, if we gets spikes above what we have previously
                                observed as being normal for that space, then it can possibly indicate the
                                presence of an entity. {Just because something has passed from the physical
                                world, does not mean it no longer is living, it just means it no longer has a carnate
                                body. It still very much gives off EMFs. Ghosts and spirits tend to draw upon
                                these EMFs and add them to their own which is what causes the spikes).

E.S.P.: Also known as Extra Sensory Perception. ESP is basically a means by which on is able to pick up
                                on things outside of the normal physical realm of sensation. Also referred to as
                                the sixth sense. For many years this was used as a catch all for things
                                unexplainable that people  experienced outside of our physical world (including:
                                Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, etc…).

E.V.P.: Electronic Voice Phenomena. This occurs heavily when white noise is available to disincarnate
                                beings. They use the energy from said white noise to be able to form words. It is
                                not common to hear this until we play back the audio recordings from our
                                investigations.  Many of the EVP’s we get are actually tossed out, as it is difficult
                                to hear what is being said. We don’t like to post them unless they are what

                          we refer to as a Class “A” EVP.  This means everyone (or nearly everyone) in the group, can clearly understand what is being said. Although, if it’s been a while since we’ve had a good Class “A”, we may put up a Class “B” from time to time, just to give everyone a chance to listen to something new for a change.

Exorcism: The removal of a Spirit/Entity/Demon by an ordained clergyman/woman. Exorcisms can be
                                preformed on Dwellings, People and Inanimate objects such as dolls (assuming
                                that an entity has decided to possess such an item).

Fairy: (Also spelled Faery) A nature spirit. Sometimes referred to also as Elemental or Diva. These
                                creatures vary in description from being able to walk amongst us humans & look
                                 like us; to little butterfly sized people with elegant wings that live in the woods.
                                Fairy are said to have both male and female genders, are known for being good,
                                neutral & bad tempered. It is said now-a-days, due to the destruction of the
                                natural habitat, that the Fairy folk are much less likely to be willing to help or
                                worry about the human race.  Some people believe that Merfolk are part of the
                                classification of Fairy.

Ghost: A disincarnate being. In other words, an individual who has passed from the physical life, but
                                has failed to move into the light. Reasons for this vary widely from being scared
                                to move into the light, to not realizing they are dead, to having unfinished
                                business, and even being held back by some other ethereal being.

Ghost Buster: Fictional Characters from New York City that use proton packs strapped on their backs
                                to catch, ensnare ghosts & keep them in a containment unit back at head
                                quarters.  This wonderful movie from 1984 was later turned into a cartoon series
                                in the late 1980’s. Its Main Characters included: Egon Spangler, Peter Venkman,
                                Ray Stantz, & Winston Zeddmore as the Ghostbusters. Geneen as the
                                receptionist, and Slimer as their “Pet” ghost (in the cartoon only).

Ghost Chaser: People who show up specifically to see the purported Ghosts, already believing the
                                Ghost exists, even when there is no proof to support the claim.

Ghost Enthusiast: While these wonderful people could probably tell you ever classification of Ghost
                                there is. They for one reason or another do not actually investigate ghosts. They
                                are to ghost hunting and paranormal investigations as Trekkes are to Star Trek.
                                They gain their knowledge through books, TV shows & the internet. They have no
                                “practical experience” when it comes to actually pursuing entities.

I.R. Camera: Infra-Red Camera. This camera allows us to view things only visible in infrared light
                                (which is outside the normal human visual light range). Typically these style
                                cameras are used at night. These are similar to night vision cameras. The
                                downside to these little cameras is that they have a very limited field of view as
                                far as depth goes. They are best used in shallow places.

I.R. Thermometer: Infra-Red Thermometer. This little gizmo is quite handy for doing temperature
                                sweeps across a room. It works by using an Infrared Laser beam to read the area
                                the thermometer is pointed at.

Medium: As defined by the American Heritage Dictionary “A person thought to have the power to
                                communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or
                                dimension.  Also known as a Psychic.” * Also See Psychic *

Necromancy: The art of controlling the dead through magick to do one’s bidding. This is associated
                                with the Dark arts, as well as HooDoo & VooDoo.

Obsession: A very real danger for anyone (dabbling or professional) dealing with spirits, entities,
                                ghosts.  Many times people cross the line over into obsession without ever
                                knowing they have.  What you once did once in a while, you now feel the need to
                                do more frequently. Using the Ouija board for instance. Before it was a “game”
                                brought out to play with when your friends were over. But lately you have been
                                using it by yourself. And you feel the need to talk to this entity all the time. Even
                                Daily. You begin asking the entity for help, or it starts telling you about things
                                pertinent to you at the time. It comes across helpful.  Perhaps you need help
                                finding that necklace of Aunt Harriet’s that you lost. And whala-it tells you exactly
                                where to look and you find it! Guess what… you are now Obsessed, talking to this
                                thing daily or more frequently, becoming dependant on it more and more. You
                                insist you can stop anytime you want to, but in reality you are as addicted to it
                                as drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Want a Visual version of what I am describing?
                                Try renting the 1980’s movie Witch board. It walks you straight through the
                                Obsession process quite well, even if it is only worth a “B” rating.

Occult: Means obscured from view or to keep hidden. However in modern times, more and more
                                occultists are coming out of the “Broom Closet” so to speak. After years of
                                persecution, they are learning that it is better to share at least some of what they
                                are about, so others will not persecute them needlessly.

Orb: A very over used word in the Paranormal field of study. Supposedly indicating the presence of
                                Spirits & Ghosts. Most “Orbs” are nothing more than dust, bugs, moisture in the
                                air,  etc… that have reflected enough light when the image was taken to appear
                                as a small translucent to opaque spherical shape moving/floating across the
                                image. Orbs can also be the side affect of light glinting off of jewelry or even
                                swamp gas. I have even heard of earthly bio magnetic discharges & static
                                electricity causing small orbs of light. A true orb can be seen with one’s own two
                                eyes without the aid of video equipment.

Ouija Board:  See Spirit Board

Paranormal Activity: Before it was a pop culture movie, the term Paranormal Activity was simply
                                 used to refer to activity that seem to have otherworldly reasons (such as
                                 Poltergeists, Ghosts, UFOs etc…).

Paranormal Investigator: One who investigates claims of Paranormal Activity, and uses technology
                                  to try to record evidence or in some way debunk the purported activity. They
                                  search for the truth behind the occurrences.

Parapsychology: This is the study of psychological occurances that can not yet be explained by
                                  science (which includes things such as Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, etc... )For more
                                  information on Parapsychology check out the following sites: 



Poltergeist: A Noisy Ghost. Normally pranksterish in nature. They have been known to: rap on walls
                                   and windows, stack furniture, knock items off of shelves, throw items around
                                   (sometimes directed at people), they are also known for disturbing laughter.

Possession:  To be possessed by something is to be controlled by it. In the case of entity/spirit/demon
                                possession, this means that they actually enter into your body either spiritually or
                                mentally and control your actions. Normally an exorcism needs to be performed
                                by clergy in order to free the subject of the possession. However there are many
                                mental illnesses that may present as possession and so a Psychologist should be
                                consulted prior to contacting your clergy, as they will need to rule out mental
                                illness anyhow before being able to perform an exorcism.

Precognition: The ability of one to know about an event before it actually happens.

Psychic: A very overused term which generically means someone gifted in communicating with the
                                 spirit realm & has an acute sense of knowing. A Psychic has many strong feelings
                                 associated toward them. This is because not so long ago, there were many
                                 charlatans that claimed to be psychic & used parlor tricks to fool people out of
                                 their money.  Because of this many people feel that Psychics are not truly
                                 legitimate. To this day I know Psychics who refuse to refer to themselves as
                                 such because of the long lasting effects the past charlatans actions have had on
                                 this field.  Others, however, revere Psychics, putting them on pedestals. Treating
                                 them as Guru’s or even a God. This is because people don’t realize that we all
                                 have the ability & potential to be psychic. However, becoming so requires
                                 practice, dedication, discipline & study.  There is no forcing it & I highly
                                 recommend training under someone who is enlightened so you do not get caught
                                 up in the dark ego trap that tries to nab you as you begin to develop your skills.
                                 Again this takes time to develop-you do not simply wake up one day and say
                                 “Okay. I am now a Psychic!” You need practice. Working with an enlightened
                                 teacher will allow you to ask questions & receive guidance in areas you would not
                                 have   thought you would have to deal with in doing such work. Your teacher will
                                 recommend exercises & Practices to keep you safe as you journey into
                                 developing your psychic abilities. This can take years to properly develop.

Psychokinesis: The ability to make objects move across tables and rooms, bend or levitate by willing
                                  it through concentration. One of the more noted Psychokenetics is Uri Geller.
                                  This differs from Telekinesis because in Telekinesis one doesn’t actually have to
                                  concentrate on moving the object, but they do have to concentrate on it in
                                  the case of Psychokinesis.

Psychometry: The ability to gather information by someone based on holding an object that belongs
                                   or belonged to them.

Reiki: Is the laying on of hands to comfort or relieve pain of any and all people, animals & plants (even
                                Mother Earth herself). Reiki dates back to the 1800’s at the earliest recordings of
                                 it, although healing texts describing similar means of healing date back to the first
                                and second century B.C. Reiki works to balance the four levels of existence
                                (Physical-referring to your body and manifested pain, Emotional-referring to what
                                you are feeling, Mental- referring to what you allow yourself to think & Spiritual-
                                referring to your capacity to love yourself and others). Reiki itself also helps to
                                bring forth change in consciousness as well as brings light to bad habits and how
                                to go about changing them.   Reiki as we know it today was brought to us by
                                Master Mikao Usui.
                                There are two Main Precepts in Reiki.
                                             1- There must be a change in consciousness for healing to occur.
                                             2- There must be an appropriate exchange of energy, one that honors
                                 To date there are many different variations on the symbols given & rankings of
                                 the learned. The predominate version I have found has divided up the
                                 teaching/learning  into four parts.
                                              Level 1- A master teacher attunes you; you study the history and basics
                                                  of Reiki. You are opened up to a greater connection with the Universe.
                                                  You are a hands on healer only at this point.
                                              Level 2- A master teacher gives you another attunement. You learn 3
                                                   Symbols, their names, what they do and mean, as well as in what
                                                   order to draw them. Your connection with the Universe is
                                                   strengthened and you begin to learn how to do distance healing.
                                              Level 3- A master teacher gives you yet another attunement, which
                                                   furthers your connection with the Universe even more. You learn a
                                                   fourth symbol that now marks you as a master Reiki practioner.
                                              Level 4- At this level your master teacher gives you your final
                                                    attunement. During this process you learn how to teach others and
                                                    are given the Teaching Reiki Symbol.  Many master teachers require
                                                    that you actively practice and use least a year before allowing a
                                                    student to become a teacher. Many also require an internship
                                                    teaching the next group of Reiki students as well.
                                  Each Attunement process helps to raise your energetic vibrational field & it is
                                  recommended that a student wait at least 30 days in-between attunements.
                                  Forcing the attunements too close together can make one very ill. And as with
                                  massage practices, it is recommended that anyone receiving Reiki drink plenty
                                  of water to help flush toxins from their system when they are done (regardless if
                                  they are receiving an attunement or  just a Reiki session in general).

Remote Viewing: The ability to “see” things happening through the eyes of another as they
                                   are happening or just before the happen.  Often this will occur from a few towns
                                   away to all the way across the world. This is something that is done most
                                   commonly in a meditative state, either while sleeping or being “awake.” A very
                                   limited number of police departments who work with mediums are lucky
                                   enough t have ones capable of this wonderful gift (which can allow one to get
                                   clues as to where a missing person may be located). 
                                   ****Sorry I do not know which departments work with such people & which do
                                   not. I wouldn’t recommend pestering them about it either-those that do usually
                                   keep it hush  hush.****

Satanist: In contrast to a Devil Worshipper, a Satanist sees themselves as Satan’s & God’s equal.
                                    They are their own God so to speak. They tend to do things that only serve
                                    themselves. They however do believe that they have the power to do
                                    this themselves & rarely seem to actually call upon the aid of the Devil. In the
                                    rare event that they do call upon the dark powers that be (Demon/Devil/or
                                    otherwise) they also refuse to use protective circles or amulets because they
                                    believe that they themselves can control whatever it is that they are
                                    contacting.  They also (as a collective whole) seem to feel it is not right to
                                    perform any sort of blood letting or ritualistic sacrifices of human or animal. If
                                    one does perform this, it always seems to be that they let their own blood, not
                                    that of others.

Scrying: A more specialized form of divination. Examples include: Fire gazing, Pendulum work, Crystal
                                Ball gazing, Black mirror gazing, Infinity mirror gazing, Crystal bowl water gazing.
                                Other than the pendulum, scrying is not often, if ever, used in Paranormal
                                research &  investigations.

Shapeshifter: One who can change themselves into an animal. The most popular animals to
                                shapeshift are said to be: Bear, Eagle, Wolf, Cougar, Jaguar. This ancient art is
                                said to be practiced by high ranking medicine men/women of Native American &
                                African decent, Occultists, & Pagans.

Soul: The energetic body that is associated with each carbon based life form. It is the spiritual part of
                                the physical body.

Spirit: These may or may not have been at one time a living individual here on the physical plane of
                                existence. Those that did live here, have passed into the light. Both are capable of
                                moving at will between the spiritual world and our physical one.

Spirit Board: Also known as the Parker Brothers’ ever popular (and copy righted) Ouija Board. While
                                Ouija Board is the most popular way that people know this device by, the name
                                Ouija was placed on this board by Parker Brothers. This “game” actually pre-dates
                                Parker Brothers and is a divinational tool, that can be quite dangerous when not
                                used with caution, guidance and knowledge. Many a portal has been opened and
                                unsuccessfully closed during the use of these creations. Saying “Good-bye” does
                                not seal the portal!

Suppression: While being suppressed can cover a great range of things, we are going to deal entirely
                               with what it means to be suppressed by a spirit, entity or demon in our
                               terminology pages.  Suppression is the spirit/entity/demon’s way of trying to
                               make you submit to them. It is mid way on the process to being possessed. You
                               have already become obsessed with this spirit, relying on it for help. You feel the
                               need to contact it daily or more often than that. Now it will begin telling you to do
                               things.  They may seem simple at first and non threatening, but before you know
                               it, this thing will be demanding ugly & awful deeds of you. It will attempt to wear
                               down your will until you can no longer fight it, at which point it possesses you.

Telepathy: The Ability to communicate through thought. Some people only receive telepathic
                               messages, and some on can send them. Either of these two types are perfectly
                               capable of both with practice. Those practiced in this art are able to use it to
                               communicate both living and deceased individuals, as well as plants and animals.
                               The way people experience telepathy is uniquely individual & may comprise of one
                               or all five of the common extra sensory senses (Clairaudience, Clairfragrant,
                               Clairgustus, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance).

Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with one’s mind without actually physically touching them.
                                This can be the movement of them across the table or room, or it can be the
                                bending of them or even levitating them. Often we will see this onset during
                                puberty or young adulthood of individuals who are adept at it due to the
                                enormous amount of stress they are under during this stage of life. This can also
                                at times be mistaken for poltergeist activity.

Transmedium: (Also written as Trance Medium.) Also known as a Channeler. Llewellyn Encyclopedia
                                (as submitted by Donald Michael Kraig) describes Transmedium as “a person who
                                allows a spirit to speak through them. This involves the (usually) willing
                                participation of the channeler who temporarily allows a spirit to “Possess” their
                                body. A spirit medium may or may not be a Channeler.”

U.F.O.: UFO simply means Unidentified Flying Object. And while most people equate these with aliens,
                                the truth is that even an “orb” is nothing more than a UFO.

Vampire: There are two forms of Vampires.
                                Number One we are all well acquainted with. The Blood sucking monster who was
                                introduced to us by Hollywood, & the rest by Mr. Braham Stoker. The undead
                                beast sustains its life by drinking the blood of others & can hypnotize others with
                                its gaze.  While this creature is not more than a fabled legend, it is based off of
                                the Transylvanian Count Vladimir (known to history buffs as Vlad the Impailer).
                                While Dracula and Vampires like him are not real, sadly enough there are those
                                out there these days who are attempting to try and make this a real life style. It
                                is part of an underground movement. I beg you not to get caught up in this
                                fantasy world as even among two consenting adults it is extremely dangerous
                                just from the disease stand point alone. This underground movement does seem
                                to be staying more toward the larger cities however, and with any luck will die
                                Vampire type Number Two you most likely don’t know about unless you are in
                                the New Age movement, Metaphysical field or Occult practices. These Vampires
                                are known as Psychic Vampires. They do not drink blood however. Instead they
                                drink life essence… that is to say one’s energy. They drain your Auric Field, leaving
                                you feeling drained & depleted. Unlike the Movie Vampires, Most Psychic Vampires
                                don’t even realize they are doing it. Also, not all types of Psychic Vampirism
                                occurs from people. High EMF, Radio Signals, Radios, & Cell Phones can all be
                                forms of psychic vampirism under the right conditions. Many people who are
                                Psychic Vampires do so because they are ill. It is an involuntary reflex (much as
                                breathing), it is their body’s way of fighting to stay alive, despite the fact that
                                they are in failing health. The good news about this is that learning Basic Psychic
                                Self-Defense can protect you from these sorts of attacks. For more information
                                on Psychic Self-Defense please see either our Book Review area or the Fact &
                                Folklore section of our site.

Warlock: A Scottish word meaning “Oath Breaker.” This is NOT a name for a male witch!

Wendigo: An ancient creature from Native American Algonquian Legends that lives in the North. These
                                ferocious & fearsome beasts are tall & skinny & are often said to look like trees.
                                Some stories say these were once men that became cannibals. Others seem to
                                indicate that the Wendigo is an ancient spirit with a ravenous appetite. Either way,
                                it is highly recommended that you steer clear of these creatures.

Werewolf: A ½ man ½ wolf creature. Descriptions vary from throughout the ages, which include both
                                quadruped and bipedal forms. Supposedly a werewolf changes when the moon is
                                full & is incapable of controlling its blood lust. WI is rumored to be a hot spot for
                                the sighting of these beasts. Most of the Reports I have heard of occur in or
                                around Corn Fields with a river nearby.

Wiccan:   Male or Female Magical Practioners of the New Age. These people differ from Witches in that
                                Wiccans are actually striving to be recognized as a Religion globally. While Wiccans
                                also work with nature and the elements, they also abide by the Wiccan Rede &
                                the Law of 3.  Wiccans also believe in karma. It was once put to me that: “All
                                Wiccans are Witches but not all Witches are Wiccan.” Like Witches, Wiccans are
                                also striving to get the truth out about what and who they really are, as they
                                have also been unjustly lumped into many of the dark art practices.

Witch: A Male or Female Magical Practioner. These Spiritual people strive to work in harmony with &
                                learn from nature & the 5 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit). It is a very
                                popular wives tale that Witches consort with the Devil & do his bidding. These lies
                                started long ago during political & religious battles over lands & rites. Witches do
                                believe in Karma and have no reason to practice anything dark, as it is not worth
                                the Karmic butt kicking that comes along with it. Unfortunately many people call
                                themselves Witches that are not. Most have gotten into it for what I call the Boo-
                                Ya-Factor. In other words it is still viewed as dark, creepy, scary & taboo &
                                therefore has mass appeal for people who feel like no one understand them or
                                wants to stay on the skirts of society. Until we can shine light onto what witches
                                really are, we will always have posers pretending to be something they aren’t
                                -because Hollywood tends to make it look cool, powerful and scary.



Created Especially for: Tri County Paranormal Group

by: Darcey
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