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Ghost vs. Spirit



Ghost vs. Spirit

With so much information out there on hunting ghosts, experiencing spirits and reading about horrifying exorcisims a person can get quite confused as to who is who in the spiritual world. And while we could write an entire book on dealing with the varieties of spooks out there, today, let us just tackle the difference between a ghost and a spirit.

An Entity: in general is a very broad description term that
encompasses every sort of Ethereal Being

A Ghost: is the soul of a person who has died, but has for
one reason or another, not moved on "into
the light." Reasons for this are greatly varied...
from not realizing they are even dead, to being
attached to a place/person/object, to having
unfinished business and even just being simply to
scared to move on. These entities are stuck in a
perpetual Limbo of sorts. Fortunately for these
souls, there are people experianced in helping
to cross over once they are ready, although it can
take a long time for a ghost to track down such a
person if they are "restricted" to a certain

A Spirit: is an entity that may or may not have once been
living. Spirits {in contrast to the ghosts who are
stuck} are capable of moving back and forth
between the Physical and Spiritual worlds at will.
Spirit Guides and totem animals fall into this
classification of entity. Please do note however,
that just because something has crossed
over or is
already a spirit that it is Good. Being a
Spirit does not make it inherently
good. Spirits
come in all types. Both Angels and
Demons fall into
the general classification of spirit.

Just as both Cats and Dogs fall into the general
classification of mammal.

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