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Applying Psychic Self-Defense to Paranormal Investigations

   Applying Psychic Self-Defense

to Paranormal Investigations


     To first apply Psychic Self-Defense (more commonly known as PSD) to paranormal investigations, you must first know what PSD is.

     PSD is not all that much unlike karate, judo, or any other form of self-defense. It is meant to protect you from some sort of harm. The difference between PSD and regular self-defense is that PSD is helping to protect you on a spiritual level instead of a physical one.

     There are many books available on PSD, normally found in the new age or spirituality section(s) of your local library or bookstore. A couple of my favorite authors on the subject include (but are not limited to): Ted Andrews and Christopher Penczak. Both take a slightly different but very practical approach. The problem is they may seem a bit out there for those not yet comfortable with the New Age thought processes. For this reason, I would like to take a moment to suggest The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide. Written by Michelle Belanger, it takes you into a case that she works on but examines it from a number of different viewpoints as to why things are working or how to approach them. So this would most likely be the best book for a person just interested in learning about PSD for a paranormal investigator’s view but not necessarily a “New Age” view.

     So how does Psychic Self-Defense work? Through practiced Meditation with Grounding and Shielding, one learns how to prevent outside influences varying from such things as electromagnetic smog to attacks from unseen entities and even the emotional outbursts from irrational co-workers. The practice essentially strengthens your biomagnetic sheath that surrounds you (some refer to this sheath as an Aura). PSD is by no means a cure all, but it can definitely help to prevent your average paranormal phenomena from attaching to or attacking you.

     What are the drawbacks to working on PSD? Well as with any psychic work (whether it be self-defense or expanding other pre-disposed talents), you will tend to flair your aura on the astral plane. This tends to attract curious entities…. Much like a fire in the woods will attract curious animals at night. Most are benign enough, but on rare occasion you may start to notice things of the other world that you previously did not. Now and then you may end up attracting ethereal leeches, but assuming you are properly practicing PSD, this should not be a problem.

     During paranormal investigations we as paranormal investigators are asked to take many things into account, ranging from locations, to natural reasons for incidents, to paranormal possibilities. It is the later reasons that I highly recommend PSD to anyone interested in pursuing paranormal investigations or ghost chasing. The sorts of things you may encounter without even being aware of them include, but are not limited to: ethereal leeches, out right psychic attacks, wayward ghosts/spirits.

     Due to the discipline it takes to work with your PSD shields, this also offers a little bit of a buffer on having better control of your emotional status, which in my own personal opinion, also aids in preventing obsession and possession, because you are more acutely aware of your own space, and when it is being “Invaded.” This is not however a fail-safe to such things, and if at any time you feel in danger, you should calmly remove yourself and seek a professional’s advice on how to proceed. If there is a real threat, clergy may need to be contacted for the home owner, but do not do so without the homeowner’s permission.   When to do this should be discussed with the head of whichever organization you are affiliated with, so they may decide if it is something that needs to be dealt with for the home owner, or if it is something you yourself may need help for.

     PSD will NOT protect you from speeding bullets, wayward cars, knives or any other physical attacks, (this is not Hollywood after all), and so common sense is still needed.

     I do hope you find this not only informative but appetite wetting. We will be adding book reviews to TCPG’s website in the future, and we will do our best to start with books on PSD, including the ones mentioned in this mini essay.

     Be Safe & Happy Hauntings!


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