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Types of Communication &
The Dangers of Communicating with the Spirit World


     My Reason for sharing this with you is simple. There are many people out there who wish to delve into the world of communicating with those not of this physical plane of existence, but few know the dangers of doing such. It’s never wise to dabble in things we don’t understand. Even Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Chasers worldwide have no clue what dangers they are dealing with. I’ve sat by and watched countless people dive into this communication process blindly. Watched friends & fellow Investigators over the years fall victim to it (despite the best efforts of those around them to intervene) & have been appalled at how few groups warn perspective members of the dangers when they first apply to join.
     I don’t care what others have told you or what you’ve read in the past. It is possible for things that you can’t see to harm you. It isn’t normally like what we see in the movies where you are suddenly being attack by some strange ghostly creature. It is normally long and drawn out so you don’t realize what is happening until it is too late. I am hoping that you will read this and at the very least move forward with a better understanding of the dangers of this field, assuming you still wish to pursue it.

     Below are some of the more common forms of spirit communication, but there are more out there. Please always do your research, and above all, Be Safe.

Types of Spirit Communication include (but are not limited to):

  • EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena)
  • Ouija Boards/Spirit Boards
  • Pendulums
  • Séances/Mediumship
  • Table Tipping          

   So what is an EVP exactly? EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. Basically you record using a hand held voice recorder. You can ask questions to the ghost(s)/spirit(s) directly and pause every so often to give them a chance to respond. Others prefer to talk randomly and pause for the entities to chime in. Whichever your preferred method is, when you are done, you play back the recording, it is then that you can start to hear the responses (Often additional software such as Wave Pad is needed to hear the voices, which means you’ll need a way to load your recordings onto your computer).

     Ouija Boards (Otherwise known as Spirit Boards)are the most Popular and well known method of spirit communication; As they are sold as the classic & ever popular game from Parker Brothers. Although they have certainly been around much longer than the game manufacturer has been. The Ouija is a board with a separate pointer. On the board there are letters A thru Z and numbers 0 thru 9. The words Hello, Goodbye, Yes and No. While there are many versions available now a days, from classic, to glow-in-the-dark, to Halloween, and about anything in-between you can think of, they are used the same way. A minimum of two people place their fingers lightly on the pointer, and are to keep their eyes closed. A separate person with pen and paper at hand ask the questions and is supposed to write down the answers. Many groups of people choose to neglect the last part and keep their eyes open, and ask the questions themselves. 

     What is a Pendulum? A Pendulum is basically a stone or metal point of some type that is hung at the end of a chain or string of some sort. Although in a pinch a necklace with a pendant may be used as a pendulum as well. It can be used two ways. The first is much more simplistic as you only ask “yes” or “no” questions. The pendulum can either be told you want it to move this way for yes and that way for no… Or you can ask it to show you which way it swings for yes and which way it swings for no. The second way is to draw on a piece of paper a layout much like that of an Ouija Board. Have Letters A-Z and Numbers 0-9, Hello, Good Bye, Yes and No. As you can imagine this can take quite some time to use a pendulum in this way when you are receiving answers spelled out for you.


     The use of Séances and Mediumship is yet another type of spirit communication. This is the famous old fashioned everyone sitting around a table with lit candles and some old woman dressed up as a gypsy, beckoning the ghosts to visit them of deceased relatives, etc… The truth is there doesn’t have to be candles-although many times they are used to help bring in the right spirits and to burn up negative energies. They are also a fun mood setter. The person being the medium also doesn't need to dress up like a gypsy. It is simply media propaganda. And while in the movies people are all shown joining hands, it is a more widely spread belief that the crossing of hands, fingers, legs, etc… actually impedes the flow of energy & does not help it. The Medium themselves in these séances allows themselves to be taken over by a spirit, ghost or other ethereal being wishing to give a verbal message to those still living. Often the other people who are in the room with the medium are trying to contact deceased relatives.


     What is Table Tipping?While I haven’t participated in this personally to be able to explain it in detail. Typically a smaller group of 4-5 people meet in the same spot for regular sessions. Each person sits at the table and places their hands palms down on the table (Please note the table needs to be on a flat surface). Reportedly it works better if the table tipping is done in near dark (which to me is fishy because it makes it hard to see what is going on in the first place that it isn’t a friends playing a joke on you).  It is said that at first responses when & if you do get any, often start as rapping or knocking and eventually develop into more noticeable occurrences such as the table actually lifting off the ground.

 So what are the dangers really?

     Like anyone who is thoroughly enthralled with investigating the Paranormal, I too was a bit naive at the least and downright in flat out denial at the worst. So which of these is the most dangerous form? Well that depends on the user and what they define as danger. Any and all of these are opening up portals. Ways for the ethereal (Spiritual/Ghostly) realm to communicate with us.

Yes there are ceremonies and rituals that can be preformed to help keep you safe. But they don’t always work. Precautions such as keeping Black tourmaline or Amethyst around can help to ward not negativity and some forms of psychic and entity attacks. But do people actually use these? No, not normally. A better question is do people realize there is actual danger involved? And the answer to that is usually not.

     I have been studying the ways of the occult for a number of years now, in addition to being raised Christian, and studying Native American traditions and cultures. These studies have allowed me to understand why Shamans and “Psychics” are able to communicate with the spirit realms without  appearing to have to deal with the dangers associated with these afor mentioned devices. You see the Psychics and Shaman work closely with spirit guides (Guardian Angels if you will), to be able to traverse the spirit world and come back with detail for us. And while the journey is still filled with dangers, their guides help to protect them from such dangers.

     The Séance/Mediumship by far has to be the most dangerous in my own point of view. This is because you willingly allow another spirit/ghost/entity to enter into your body and manipulate it to answer questions of others, or for their (the entity’s) own gain. So what happens if the spirit decides it doesn’t want to leave? As far as legitimacy is concerned, Mediumship hasn’t been synonymous with the word charlatan for no reason. It is quite easy to fake, especially when dealing with an audience of grieving family members. Which not only makes this a dangerous form of communication, but also a non-reliable one. Don’t get me wrong there are some really gifted mediums out there, but there are far more frauds than there are Genuine Mediums.

     The second most dangerous is the table tipping more for obvious reasons that anything else. If you do manage to get that table moving and the entity becomes violent, watch out for flying tables. Furniture is not fun to dodge. Aside from that the setting in which Table Tipping is set is quite conducive to fakery which makes the Table Tipping an unreliable means of Spirit Communication as well.

     When we work a Ouija board, we are simply opening a portal-one which very few people think to actually close. And while on average we are dealing with bored spirits (no pun intended), and pranksters, nastier things do have the possibility to come through as well. If you will indulge me, I do have a couple of stories for you about Ouija boards.

The 1st is from elementary school. We were all sharing experience that were what we considered spooky at the time, as it was Halloween and we didn’t really want to hear all the old over used ghost stories we all knew weren’t true anyhow. A classmate regaled us with the story about an Ouija board they found in the attic of the house they had moved into. Their mother being a strict catholic did not want it in the house and chose to throw it outside in the trash one day after the kids left for school and then went to work. When she arrived home that evening, she found it placed neatly on her kitchen table. She grilled the kids and her husband about it but all 3 denied having removed the board from the garbage. This continued for the next three days. Finally one night she threw it into the fireplace, and watched it burn before her very eyes, and the next day when she got home from work-there it was on the kitchen table. After that they locked it back up in the Attic (Which is where it stayed) and left it for the next home owner that purchased the property.

The 2nd is one that was shared with me by a co-worker almost a half decade ago. I shall refer to her as Tabitha. Tabitha grew up in Florida in an area steeped in old traditions and legends. Complete with old slave houses and the old slave cemeteries. The most eerie storied she had ever shared with me was about the Ouija board however. Tabitha was visiting her friend (Whom I shall call Brittany). It was a notably hot and sticky day with no sign of a wind at all. Brittany’s mom had to run to the store, and left the girls home for the ½ hour it would take to run her errands. During that time Brittany and Tabitha thought it would be fun to break out Brittany’s Mom’s Ouija Board to play with. As they began to “Play” with it, a fire sprung up in the fire place from 3 day old ashes that had been cold to the touch. When the girls freaked out and tried to put the board away, an Ice cold wind blew through the house. When Brittany’s mom returned she knew instantaneously that the girls had been up to no good. It reportedly took her a full two weeks to clear the house of whatever negative energy they had unleashed.

While many more people are quite capable of using the Ouija, than are capable of Mediumship or Table Tipping, you are still giving a lot of room to the Ethereal realm, not knowing who or what you are contacting. It is also still quite easy to manipulate the pointer.

   Pendulums are nice to work with as they are typically quite light and only require one person to use. But I myself was in denial about the dangers of this object. While using the layout similar to the Ouija for your pendulum is more dangerous, for the same reasons the Ouija is dangerous.   The yes & no use of the pendulum may not be opening a portal per say, it is still communicating with whatever Entity is around. You have no guarantee that this is a good or helpful entity. Either way you decide to go with pendulum work-the pendulum is still capable of being manipulated by the person holding it.
Even the simpler use can still be dangerous, and it carries the same common danger as any of the others I have already mentioned, which we will be discussing shortly.


EVPs are simply the newest form of these spirit communication devices. An Electronic Ouija board if you will. But-we don’t need the board or the pointer. And I certainly don’t know of anyone trying to use their guides/angels etc… for protection, nor do I know of anyone using ceremonies or rituals to protect themselves before and after EVP work. Because it’s electronic we tend to think of it as safe. But it is just as dangerous as any of these other forms of spirit communication.


So what do all of these have in Common
(besides the fact that they are forms of spirit communication)?

     In all of these 1 very real threat exists. Addiction. If one does not keep focused on the tasks at hand-such as helping out a client figure out what is going on in their home/business etc… You can and will become addicted. This is why you will hear over and over again from seasoned professionals who are aware of this danger that one should never use these communication techniques for personal gain.

     When all the entity wants to do is say good bye to a loved one, or tell someone they either like or dislike what the new owners have done to the property, all is well and good. But when you get something a little less honest, a little more manipulative, it will draw you in.

It begins by helping you find a misplaced item, or having friendly chats. This is the part where you become addicted, and then obsessed. You must make contact on a regular basis or you go through withdrawal much as you would from caffeine or other mild drug that you have an addiction too. It may even begin to affect your job, family& friends. And just like a smoker or a drinker that is in denial about their addiction, you will believe you can stop anytime you want to, & that there is nothing wrong with you.

Next the entity will try to oppress you. Tell you that you have to do things. It will demand this of you. It may even threaten harm to you or loved ones if you don’t do what it tells you. (Always remember that you have free will-it cannot force you to do anything. If you do it-you do it of your own free will). Sometimes the entity will try to scare you into submission prior to trying to oppress you by getting under your skin and telling you personal information that no one should know but you. It will give you “Facts” about your everyday life, and communicate with you (In some instances) on up to the minute details.

If it succeeds in Suppressing you, the next step is possession. Because it now knows how to wear you down, it will ebb at you, until you have no will left to fight it, and it will finally take you over. At this point, pray someone you love has enough thought to contact the local church and clergy because you are going to need them.

     If however you are reading this and realize that you are at an earlier stage and want help getting out, here is what I can safely recommend to you.

  1. This is the very most important thing. You have to want to change. You have to want the help. Much as the Alcoholic has to want to sober up for themselves, if you do not truly want to stop this-it will not work. You have to be willing to let go.
  2. Stop doing whatever it was that hooked you up with this entity in the 1st place. Whether it’s EVP’s, Ouija Boards, or anything else-STOP! By stopping the mode of communication you are starting to sever your ties. Please know you are not done however, as you must still detach this thing from your entire life and clean out your house to be sure you are rid of it.
  3. Seek out professional help. There are very gifted “Psychics”, Shaman, & Spirit Rescue workers available capable of detaching entities from your auras. Visit your local New Age Book Shop, Local Clergy, or other local resource (Many spas now a days have business cards of people who do this sort of work) to locate a reliable energy worker to help you. Many will be practitioners of some sort of energy healing art form such as Reiki, as well. Many times they list their ability to help detach entities as Spirit Rescue work or Shamanic Journeying. Ask for references if in doubt. These people can help you to figure out how to best modify your thought patterns, and clear your emotional baggage to help prevent this from happening again.
  4. Cleanse your living spaces… from cars, to homes, to boats. If you frequent there, clear ‘em out. Often the physical act of cleaning is enough to help move the unwanted energies out and away as they tend to congregate in areas of clutter where energy can stagnate easier. Sweep, Dust, Mop, do the dishes, clean the interior and exterior. Take out the trash, Declutter your life from all those old knick knacks that you never look at anyway. And do you really need Aunt Erma’s old dressing gown? Or Uncle Herb’s old busted down lawn mower? Get rid of it-open up the curtains, let light in. Let air move through your house and your life.

I certainly hopes this helps all who read it, to be a little more prepared for dealing with the spirit world that is out there right alongside ours.

Be Safe!
Brightest Blessings of Love and Light.

Created Especially for
by Darcey
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