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How Easy is it to Stage a Ghost Photo?

Do you really want to know the truth?...

The truth is that it is extremely easy to create Ghost Photos.    Especially with a little camera know how and sensible thought process.  While color images are more difficult to procure believable staged results with due to the color films ability to remove certain lies.... Black and white film is quite easy, as is Digital, to create a hoax.  {They taught us how to make them using a pinhole camera in photography 101 in school by me.}

Start with a low speed ASA/ISO such as 100 or 200.  Have a manual (SLR) camera, a tripod, and a cable release (To prevent the accidental shaking of the camera during the exposure).  Get some clothes that do not look of the period.  Choose a remote or creepy place to photograph your ghost (aka your willing friend/cohort) for extra added believability...  Poor lighting is your friend during the exposure process as well-esp. if you have a light meter that will allow you to find out what the exposure time needs to be.

While this is not funny to play pranks on serious discussion sites (Remember I don't mind people sharing staged photos in here so long as they tell us they are staged in the posting), it's a hoot if you want to scare/trick your friends-especially around Halloween.  So I am going to explain in a simple and brief description.  I will not give all the tricks out, but this is a place to start if you want to play and see what goes into making them, as it may help you to better spot the faked ones that you encounter later...

Set up in your location, and place your friend in front of the camera.  Perhaps in an action position or simply standing there looking macabre.  Using the light meter in your camera (or your external hand held light meter if you have one), get your reading.  Normally in low light situations with 200 speed film you will be looking at least at 5-10 second exposure times.  Have your friend stay posed in the photo exposure for only 1/2 the recommended time.  Then race out of the frame.  When you develop the photo you will have a ghost image.  If the camera does get shaken during the exposure process it can hinder or help the result depending on how badly it happens, although it is usually to the hindrance rather than the help of the photo.  Normally the shaking is better in accidental double exposures than in staged photos.

Simple as pie, wouldn't you say?  Between this essay and the Accidental Paranormal Phenomenons essay I am sure you will be able to see why I am skeptical of ghost photos...

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