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Do Demons Exist?


                                       Do Demons Exist?


While researching into the history of demons seems to resound a reverberating YES, we are left with a major problem.  Although some of the more major demons still seem to retain their form for the most part, the fact of the matter is that we are dealing with ethereal beings that can shape shift.  They also, much like primates have done over the last few eras of time, evolve.  Just as we are, they are evolving constantly, changing form and shape not just from shape shifting but also from loss or retention of power as well as the effect of their environment itself.

We are also faced with the fact that while some may have very similar names through out the history books suggesting that they may have been the same basic creature, descriptions vary so widely it is hard to imagine even begining to categorize these demons.

Also most of the information we have on Demons comes from Christianity and Catholicism (please do not think I am picking on any religion here [I myself was raised in one of these traditions], as all of our ancestors and religions have turmoiled pasts, I am just merely using what I know of to bring point of fact).  Which adds in its own limitations as one must pick through to decipher what is true fact, and what is based of religions they did not yet understand upon the time of them writing of the proclaimed demons.  Many of the Priests and Cardinals back in the day used as many scare tactics to convert those who were not already part of the church, as they did of the teachings of the Bible.

For now let us leave with this information to be true.  Regardless of the religion base from which we come today, evil seems to be an agreed upon source of concern, whether it be celestial based evil or simply evil people.  Let us not forget that when evil people die their soul remains as it did when they were alive; still evil.  So as with any case, a good form of Psychic Self Defense, as well as sufficient skills in purifying your living area and person using the methods you are most comfortable with from your own religious base are most important.

Keep in mind that Evil has power (in most if not all cases) because we give it power by being scared of it.  Fear not evil and fear not death.  Be an upstanding person, and good will follow you and protect you.  But you must keep your faith (Whatever it may be) in the face of the ugliest and scariest of times.  Without our faith and our good sense, it would be quite easy to become lost & overcome by evil.