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Villisca Ax Murder House- Commentary



    For those of you that are familiar with the Villisca Ax Murder House I would like to talk about a few things that have been brought to my attention by Johnny Houser.   In 1912 this house was the scene of a brutal murder that has us all wondering who could commit such a terrible crime.  Josiah B. Moore,  Sarah Montgomery (Moore)  their 4 children,  Herman 11,  Katherine 10, Paul 7, and Boyd 5,  along with them were the Stillinger girls, Lena 12 and Ina 10.  This innocent  family was beaten to death with the back side of an ax, the blows to the heads were many, almost to the point of severing the heads from the bodies.  The house was rented out one evening to a small group of people and according to Johnny Houser it was just another renter for the evening and business as usual.  In the morning after renters depart , the house is cleaned for the day's events and daily tours that are given, in the house Houser found candles, incense and demonic drawings used for satanic rituals.  Tri-County Paranormal group had investigated the house for Paranormal activity in 2009 and had a real nice experience , in 2010 we returned for a second investigation but this time the house had a different feel to it and it didn't feel as nice as we had remembered. We had to work a little harder to get the children to interact with us, it's like they were being held back in some way.  Our evidence proves that the spirits in the house are Residual as well as intelligent and should not be undermind in any fashion.  This small group of people that had rented the house for the night had unleashed something evil in the Moore Residence and I am absolutely LIVID!  The Moore family along with the Stillinger girls has gone through something I would never wish on anyone and to have some small time amateur satanic worshiping wannabes come in and add to the family's horror of what happened that awful night back in 1912 is inexcusable. So now the family that has done nothing to hurt anyone is being held hostage by some evil entity that now scratches people who visit the home. Those who read this know what I'm talking about and I want these people to come forward as to who they are  and reverse what ever they have done to the Moore Family. To all of those who now wish to enter the home, I would advise saying a prayer of protection before entering the home.

Happy Ghost Hunting! 

Directors Commentary: James Schilling