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Ghosts Among Us


Ghosts Among Us, by James Van Praagh,

James Van Praagh gives us the good news that ghosts are all around us.  He explains that sometimes spirits hang around instead of moving into the “Light”.  The list of reasons are varied and sometimes as peculiar as the lives spirits once lived.  
Van Praagh believes spirits who have unfinished business want to convey messages to loved ones.  Some spirits linger because they fear they will not go on to Heaven but straight to Hell.  Some spirits do not realize or accept they are “dead”.  
Spirits are not any different than they were in life--and so they continue to cling to their homes or possessions.  Some remain close to watch over family members.
Van Praagh believes spirits reincarnate in family groups and are involved with the same people over and over again during their lives.   He talks about meditation and how we can harness the power of human and spirit communication through our “thoughts”.  He reminds us that our focused quiet thoughts create our reality and bring us happiness during our living years.
You’ll read about encounters with ghosts in this book, as well as moments of spirits in crisis and resolution.  A celebrated medium for more than 25 years James Van Praagh answers questions we ponder about the afterlife.  I recommend this book for all who are interested in learning how to contact spirits through meditation.