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True Hauntings (Book Review)

 True Hauntings

Spirits with a Purpose

written by: Hazel M Denning Ph. D.
printed by: Llweyellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 978-1-56718-218-7


     An intriguing collection of firsthand accounts from a Ghost Chaser that specializes in removal. Dr. Denning gives a look into why spirits stay around instead of crossing to the other side. Although I first found this book dull at the start, once you get farther into it-it’s quite nice and although I had personally already come to grips with the idea of death and the afterlife… True Hauntings gave me a still quietness that I had not found before at the thought of death. I recommend this book for those who are quiet scared of the idea of ghosts and spirits, as it helps with truly understanding what you deal with on average.


Respectfully submitted by: Darcey