TriCounty Paranormal Group




  James and Group,


                     We are so happy with the results of your findings, your reveil was very informative and relieving. We knew that we had some kind of residual activity here but had no idea that there an intelligent spirit here as well. We will continue to talk to our little ghost as presrcibed by you and your team and maybe we can find the little trinkets that have been missing for so long.  I was nice to see your professionalism but on the other hand there was a little comedy witnessed that we enjoyed as well.


      You guys are a lot of fun!


                                The Gloven Family


Fun Pics


Have you seen this bilboard yet?  Bet ya can't find it!!



coffee mug

Nothing like a little coffee to start off a paranormal day. 





big j

There is Big J, our walking billboard. 




Meet Uriel...Tri-County's new mascot.

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