TriCounty Paranormal Group

2011 Past Investigations

D.P Wigley Building. Racine, Wis


       Brief History:

  3 Wigley brothers from Montgomeryshire Wales moved to Racine Wisconsin in 1881.  One of the brothers Richard moved on to Blue Earth County Minnesota.  Richard was a member of the first Minnesota State Legislature, a position also held by his grandson Dick Wigley.

One of the 3 Montgomeryshire brothers was [Daffyd] David Painter Wigley, born November 25, 1856 in Frefeglwys, North Wales GB, as noted on his April 28 1904 application for passport--at the time he was 47 years old. The population of Racine in 1870 was 10,000 people. Of those, 2500 people spoke Welsh fluently. D.P. Wigley Company (year business began 1893) is the old flour mill in downtown Racine located at 234 Wisconsin Avenue. The six story building built in 1849 is referred to as Racine's city Mill. Another family member named Ann Wigley had immigrated to Racine after the Wigley brothers.  Ann Wigley's son became a notorious gangster/murderer who worked for Al Capone, and who may have been the mastermind behind the "Valentine's Day Massacre".

        Reported activity: 

                               2 small children, one boy and one girl in period style clothing have been witnessed walking around on the 5th floor, odd unexplained noises are heard.


         Equipment used: 

                                     8 camera DVr system

                                     Hand Held mini DVD camera's

                                     EM pumps

                                     EMF detectors



                                     Parbolic Dish

                                     Didgital Recorders



                            Investigation began on the 5th floor shortly after 8:00 PM, it wasn't long before we were called down to the 3rd floor classroom to investigate chairs moving. The children have been seen in the classroom as well, we could only assume that they had moved the chairs. We were unsucessful in getting the children to interact with us while we were present. Before exiting the room we placed  pencils and paper on the table for the children to play with, we came back later to find that one of the pencils was moved from it's original spot in the middle of the paper to the opposite side of the table. Throughout the investigation you knew you were not alone and at times it felt like you were being followed by a curious unseen force.


   The D.P. Wigley is a wonderful old building that holds a large piece of Racine's History. Today it offers so much more for everyone to enjoy, from wine making and home brewing classes to Pure Wisconsin honey and a host of other great products.


   I encourage all to visit and say hello to Mark and Chris for a gentile smile and a friendly handshake