TriCounty Paranormal Group

2011 Past Investigations

Scandanavia,Wisconsin - Private Residence

      The homeowners have been hearing loud crashes in their 1890s Victorian house shortly after purchasing it and commencing restoration work in 2007.  The old house had been vacant for several decades when the homeowner purchased it.
The crashes heard vary, sounds of pots and pans falling and banging in the kitchen,  and louder crashes--like furniture being thrown or dropped on the second floor.  Doors are heard closing (even when already closed) as homeowners watch evening TV.  Occasionally in the middle of the night, they hear the sound of two or more little children running down the hallway and down the stairs.
 (A residual spirit will do the same thing everytime and usually at the same time of day or night, could be weekly or sometimes monthly. This type does not try to make contact with you and will do what it does whether you are there or not. An Intelligent spirit will try and make contact with you when it feels the need to do so, the activity comes and goes at all hours.)

Some activity seems to be intelligent style hauntings and is described by the homeowner as prankish in nature, and in some instances amusing.  A journal of activities is kept by the homeowner since the 2007 restoration began, noting date and description of each unusual experience.
Early in 2011 the curious homeowners contacted Tri-County Paranormal Group to learn more about paranormal research and to see if Tri-County Paranormal could help them identify their spirits by name.

The homeowner reports hearing her name spoken and being touched across her hair at the temple in a sympathetic gesture while making the bed. (Feb 2011).

Several times battery operated grooming devices have been discovered  "turned on" while stored in their original closed boxes in the bathroom closet (Apr 2009, and June 2009).


First unusual event recalled by homeowner: While steaming off wallpaper the homeowner had the impression of hearing  two women talking upstairs in a muffled conversation.  Days later,  a person hired to steam wallpaper had the same experience hearing two women talking upstairs in a muffled conversation while she worked alone in the house.  There had been no discussion about these events  between the homeowner and the hired person.  While this may be coincidental, a member of the previous owner family reports having heard two women talking upstairs.  (March 2007, June 2007)

The homeowner says unusual activity varies; a laundry basket of clothes turned upside down, a desk drawer pulled out of the credenza and dumped on the office floor--just 15ft. from her while her back was turned.  Homeowner has many more unusual events documented in her journal.
The homeowner says their experiences seem to escalate each time they begin a new project in the restoration, and when they have guests visiting.
Investigation Date:  April 8, 2011



Equipment Used:  8 camera DVR

                        Mini Dvd Camaras      Ghost Box

                        Parabolic dish           Digital recorders

                        Lazer grids               Emf detectors / lazer thermometers


Investigation Findings: 

                                The activity was very high the evening of the investigation, all in investigators had experienced some kind of Paranormal activity. Voices were heard while doing Evp sessions. While investigating in the basement a presence was felt and was also seen by a guest that was assisting that night. While on the second level during an Evp session using the ghost box we did manage to get a few spirits to speak to us, knocking on the wall to " Shave and a have cut " we did get a 2 knock response back, this happened twice all in a few minutes.  We had spent the night at the house and during the evening voices were heard as if 2 people were having a conversation even though we were all fast asleep. Crashes that were previously heard by the home owners were not witnessed during our stay. Many Evps were captured along with some amazing personal experiences, no video evidence was presented. Residual and Intelligent spirits both were present during the investigation. 





EVPs captured:


1.   "OK" - a whispy voice spoken by a woman, captured in the first 10 seconds the audio equipment was turned on, and as two TCPG investigators set up laser grid in the hallway upstairs.    Investigator Jessica says, "don't look directly into the laser, I don't want to blind you."  The investigator confirms OK,  followed by EVP "OK" and three knocks.

2.  "Mabel" is the answer given to the question, who are the little girls running down the hallway at night?  You'll hear the EVP response "Mabel", and then you'll hear Casey TCPG investigator confirm she heard "Mabel", and then a very surprised homeowner uttering "Mabel" to confirm what they just heard.  For the record, Mabel (1887-1969) is the youngest daughter of the original house owner.


3. "1940" - Not all EVPs are clean and clear--sometimes they are a bit distorted.  You'll need to listen closely, and replay clip several times, and use headphones.  TCPG Investigator Dave asked the question, what year is it where you are?   The EVP  captured is a man's voice and his response is either 1930 or  1940.


4. "Yes"- TCPG Investigator Dave asks, "are you happy with what Jon and Linda are doing with this house?"  Two spirits respond,  "Yes", then a second--very faint "Yes", and finally James, TCPG Director speaks to confirm he heard Yes.

5.  "James" is the answer by a female voice to the question, who is with you tonight?  For the record, James (1870-1898) is the oldest son of the original house owner.
6. "Sure" followed by two knocks is answer by a female voice to the question, can you knock?