TriCounty Paranormal Group

2011 Past Investigations

Ivanhoe Pub and Eatery


       Ivanhoe Pub and Eatery

             Racine, Wis

  Built in 1891 by M. J. MrKvica originally a Bar/ Saloon owned by Pabst.

    1930-1950 Used as a barvarian restaurant, throughout the 60's it was a popular dance hall then again returning as a Bar/Restaurant in the 1980's. The Ivanhoe sat vacant for 16 years before re-opening in 2002 as the Ivanhoe Pub and Eatery.


  Reported activity:   A woman in 1800's period style clothing has been seen behind the Bar also witnessed on the stairs that lead to the second level.

   The door to the kitchen will open and close on it's own as if someone has walked through it, bangs from the kitchen are heard when nobody is in there.

     Alcohol bottles from behind the Bar will fall to the floor and break, items have been moved about the bar area seemingly on their own.


  Equipment used:

                               8 camera DVR sytem

                               Handheld mini DVD camera's

                               Parabolic dish

                               Laser grids

                               Digital recorders




                   Investigation began shorty after 2am, it wasn't long till we began experiencing activity. Bangs from the kitchen were evident, we tried to recreate the sound coming from the kitchen but was unsuccessful, this happened twice during our investigation.

Unusual cold spots were documented in the basement, while they seemed to move about we were able to keep up with them.

 Even though our investigation went for only a few short hours we did manage to capture 72 Evps, some were of a Residual nature also a great deal of intelligent responses to the questions that were being asked.

  Haunted?   Yes Indeed..


 Thank You to Doug and his staff for a great evening!  The Ivanhoe serves up some fantastic dishes and I encourage all to enjoy..  Who knows? you may get more than you pay for!