TriCounty Paranormal Group

2011 Past Investigations

Private Residence X 2



At Tri-County Paranormal our case load is quite heavy and from time to time we have to double up on our investigations in order to meet the clients wishes, this is one of those occurrances.


        Investigation #1


      Zwickey Residence

        Wausau, Wis

        March 11, 2011



        In this 150 year old home the family has witnessed more than one ghost.  The owners young son got out of bed one evening to use the bathroom, he walked down the stairs and had seen a small boy dancing in the middle of the livingroom, he had a blue face and blue lips.

           One evening the childrens Grandmother who also lives in the home stated that she was lying in bed with the door open, a small glow of a nightlight gave way to the shadow of what clearly she describes as an older woman standing in the doorway. This had lasted only a few seconds then disappeared into the darkness.

             One evening after supper John's daughters Jordan and Jayme were doing dishes and an argument arose between them and at that point some plastic lids flew off the top of the cupboard and hit Jordan in the chest.






                Equipment used:


                4 camera Dvr system

                EM pumps

                Parabolic Dish


                Ghostbox ( Franks Box)

                Handheld Video cameras

                Laser thermometers

                Emf detectors





                While investigating on the second level unnatural low temperature readings were captured as well as high Emf spikes at the top of the stairs.  Team 2 went to investigate the same area and reported nothing unusual. Emf sweeps and temperature readings from the rest of the house were normal. We did manage to capture a few Evp's, 2 from a small boy and 2 from an older woman.  Dvr camera did capture a fast moving light anomoly about the size of a Frisbie moving past the living room/ kitchen entry way.  The family is not threatened in any fashion by their ghosts and will learn to co-exist with them.


                                                 **** Case Closed ****   





             Investigation #2



           Kramer  Residence

              Wausau, Wis

              March 11, 2011



              In this 1970 style bi-Level home with cathedral ceilings and a crackling fireplace how could one not feel right at home.  The family keeps one resident ghost, he is a tall man with a slender build and is always seen in the living room and just outside the sliding glass doors that leads out to the enclosed deck at the back of the house.  This spirit isn't seen anywhere in the home except for these two area's, he is not vocal nor does he touch anyone in any way.  This small family has asked us to try and make contact with him and to see if he would give us his name. 




              Investigators on site:



           James         Alyssa

             Jessica        Erin

             Kasey          Cori




              Equipment used:


               Parabolic dish

               4 camera dvr system

               Emf meters

               Laser thermometers

               Ghost Box

               Hand held video cameras





               Nothing unusual throughout the home, no spikes or temperature fluctuations that we recorded as abnormal. With a team outside on the back deck and another at central command the Ovilus was repeating the word "outside", the team outside was using the Ghost Box during their efforts to make contact with the spirit.  There were many questions asked but only a few  were answered, we asked his name and he said "ED", We asked him what year he had passed in.. he said "66"   The girls asked him if he wanted them to leave and his reply was "NO".   This is a very pleasant spirit who likes company or maybe he just liked the women.   This low level haunting gives the house life and the Kramer family intends to keep it that way.


                                                    **** Case Closed ****