TriCounty Paranormal Group

2011 Past Investigations

Wausau Private Residence- Poltergeist Photo's


If you look close the face in the mirror will jump out at you. You can clearly see the nose, ear, hair, mustache and jaw line. This entity was standing in the bathroom, though it was not visible to the human eye the mirror did capture his image.




Just left the living room for only a few minutes and returned to this. This is very odd and is only meant to capture the livings attention, 2 bar stools stacked with an ashtray on the top stool. There seems to be a mist to the right of the stools, could this be the culprit?




These coins were stacked on top of one another in a single stack, this is the kind of tricks that are played on a daily basis.  We did try to recreate this and were sucessful but it took a great deal of time and no doubt quite frustrating.




In this photo there are 6 wine glasses, again they are stacking items. The glasses are stacked rim on rim and two of them were moved from 12 inches from the rest.





This is the same bathroom mirror as pictured before, this photo was taken on a different day and  has the image of what appears to be a partial manifestation.




This photo was taken in the living room, on the mirror you can see a full hand print and some writing. The hand print was recognized as the home owners grandfather that has long past, the right thumb was disfigured due to a work injury when he was alive. These boots belong to the homeowner but the hat belongs to his grandfather, why these are diplayed in this fashion is anyone's guess.





The homeowner always leaves the ice trays empty for his wife to fill, one evening she did not and this is what they woke up to. Simple but yet very odd, confused as to what the message here might be.





This is a message from the other side warning of an ugly death directed to someone outside of the immediate family.  Certain conversations that take place in the home usually come with an answer from the spirits who are watching over this family.




More coins..  This trick happens so often that all you can do is smile.





In this shot you can see two candles that have metal shades, one turned upside down on top of the other. The candle that is upside down has a back scratcher balancing on top of it.  Hmm..?






A clear plastic cup that is kept in the bathroom is found in different places all about the house, on this particular evening a small amount  of water was left in it.  In the morning this small scissors was found stabbed in to the wall and writings on the mirror that said... WE CAN"T MOVE LIQUID!   The cup is now emptied before going to bed at night..




More shoes that have a mind of thier own..  Again this happened after just leaving the room and returning to see this.





Found missing tooth brush on the vanity light in the bathroom melted to the light bulb.





There's the famous plastic cup that is found about the house right next to the tooth paste



Another fun little trick to capture our attention..   The photo's we have presented are real and are taken as they come.  These can be be recreated, the question is not how, but why?   This is an ongoing investigation and we will continue updating.   Evp's to come!




 The entity in this photo is clearly transparent but is most certainly visible, this spirit is in no way connected with the other Poltergiest that haunt the home. The home owners do not recognize this man for he is not a friend or part of the family in any way.





  The minutes went by and the entity becomes more clear, the features became more apparent. You can now see the man wears a Goat-T, he has black hair and black around the eyes.





  Our camera was set to snap shots in time intervals on a few of these pictures, we didn't wait for the entity to appear because we knew we would have better luck if we were not standing there waiting. This was proven to work in our favor as you can see.





  Like any investigation that we do, if there is writing or an image of any kind found on a mirror or window we hold a towel up so we may get a better view of what is being projected to us. We use a black towel due to the white on black contrast that we are looking for.  Lapse time on these photographs took between 15 to 20 minutes, in this last shot the image had moved from the left side of the mirror over to the right.