TriCounty Paranormal Group

2011 Past Investigations

Private Residence - Wausau,Wis


   Private Residence


   January, 2011




   We received a call from a client with claims of extreme paranormal activity in their home and wanted us to confirm the events that were taking place.  We agreed to see them and worked our schedule around them to get a time and date set for us to meet.  Upon arriving at the home to do the interview, we were greeted at the door with smiles and handshakes but we could feel the sense that they were nervous and a bit uncomfortable about the activity in the house. Unknown to us at the time, the client keeps a journal in a hard cover binder of everything that happens, times, dates etc..  They handed us this journal and had us read through it before asking us any questions, in this was detailed information on every encounter they were having going back 1 1/2 years.  We did a tour of the home and where some of the spirits had made contact in, the bathroom mirror being the hotspot for messages written by the entity.  Some of the messages that were written on the mirror were names of past family members that have long ago passed, the names being written were recognized by the home owner and a few of them he didn't know until he had confronted his father with this, at that point he knew that this wasn't a prank. The chilling thing about this story is that  they have only been here less than 2 years and they were experiencing this very same activity in the house that they just left a short time ago which proves that spirits do travel. This is your classic case of poltergiest activity, the "wow factor" is that they are all family members and not just some random evil spirit that Hollywood portrays this type of Haunting to be.  The poltergeist activity in this particular case is all about balancing items, turning things upside down on top of each other and so on..  All of which we can reproduce if we so decided to waste energy doing so.  The photo's that we post are real and were taken as the Entity made itself present.  Do to the severity of this case the client expresses their desire to remain anonymous. 

                                   EVPs on this location to be posted soon!


                                                  *** Case still open ***