TriCounty Paranormal Group

2011 Past Investigations

Private Residence - Mauston,Wis


    Private Residence #2

    Mauston, Wis

    January 15,  2011



     The original house was a log cabin that was built back in the 1800's, Abraham Lincoln once held the deed to this property.  Throughout the years rooms had been added on to accommodate growth in the family but the original log cabin is still evident.  The activity is not limited to the old part of the house, infact full bodied apparitions are witness throughout the home.  Home owner claims to hear thier names being called out when nobody is present, Being touched and beds will move when they are laying in them.  





      Equipment used:


      Parabolic dish


      Paranormal Puck

      Em Pumps

      4 camera Dvr system

      Emf detectors

      Laser thermometers

      Video cameras with night vision

      2 night shot illuminators





      Even though our investigators had not experienced any full body apparitions we did see and hear the bed move while the home owner was laying in it.  ( This was caught on audio)  While we were there all of the activity was coming from the second level of the original log cabin.  No video evidence was captured.  During our Evp session we did get some intelligent response's to questions that were being asked,  one active spirit is of a Confederate Soldier and is quite vocal. This home indeed has multiple active intelligent spirits that make their presence known on a daily basis.   The family consider's the spirits as family as does not request a cleansing.

                                                     *** Case Closed ***


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