TriCounty Paranormal Group

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EVP Session
New Berlin, Wisconsin (Nadine's House)
April 17th, 2010
Another member of the Tri-County Paranormal group wanted to see if there is truth to the fact that voices from the past are everywhere. It was decided to do a group EVP session at the home and ask a series of questions pertinent to past loved ones.
Investigators on Site:
Nadine Leder
Jim Zwitter
Dan Beer
Dave Beer
Equipment used:
Parabolic Dish
EMF Meter
Digital Cameras
Investigation Findings:
The intentions of this investigation was to prove or disprove that spirits are around us at all times. This home is not haunted and has no history of paranormal activitiy, severe trauma, or deaths. An evening was chosen when no children would be in the home as to keep the homeowner activity low. An overwhelming EVP's came through during the series of questions asked. At one point, Jim Zwitter, felt a severe pinch to the back of his knee. When Dave, right after that incident, asked if someone caused the pain in Jim's leg, there was a positive response on the audio. Throughout the 40 minute evp session, over 50 evp's came through. Most, but not all were clear answers to our questions. From what the group was able to determine, most of the voices heard were those spirits of deceased loved ones. Obviously, the group is not qualified to make this judgement call. All in all, the consensus of the group was that the home is NOT haunted but is visited by spirits of deceased loved ones that wanted the group to know they were there.