TriCounty Paranormal Group

2008 Past Investigations

Private Residence - Adams, WI

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Adams, WI
November 15th, 2008

The owner contacted the group in regards to an entity residing in the home. Normally the spirit did not bother the family but finally crossed the line when following the female homeowner to bed. She could feel "him" straddling her and brushing her cheeks with his hands. At the initial interview, James did have a personal experience. While entering the kitchen through a dog gate, he held the gate open for a little boy, about 2 1/2 years old, to walk through. The group finds out later that this "boy" that was seen was only seen by James and is not part of the homeowners family. At one point in the evening, the client screamed because she saw the "man". Video evidence produced the male apparition walking through the living room as the client screamed.

A cleansing was performed on the home and successfully rid it of the two spirits. However, a few weeks went by and the client contacted the group again. This time there was a series of more activity by different spirits. She reported that her patio door would be opened frequently, a smoke alarm would go on, very aromatic smells of cookies baking were sensed. The most unusual reported activity was on two separate occasions, 911 calls were made from that house when no one was home. At this point, the client was content with her "tenants" as she did not feel threatened in any way. She was instructed on how to reclaim her home and coexist with the entities. To date there have been no further reports of activity.

                                            **** Case Closed ****