2008 Past Investigations

Kathan Resort

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Eagle River, Wisconsin
October 25th, 2008 

This property consists of 4 cabins, a restaurant/bar and a private home. The cabins were built in the 1930-1940's and the main bar was built around 1920. A previous owner and some local residents have spoken of some unusual activities happening mainly within two of the four cabins and in the bar area. The bar was not able to be investigated to do its hours of operation, however, all four cabins were vacant and accessible.

Equipment Used:

Handheld mini dvd's

Voice recorders


Emf meters

Laser thermometers

Personal experiences: 

James heard and felt the presence of an older man and of a young boy. Each of these were observed in different cabins. One member saw a little boy dart from one cabin and hide under the slide of the playground. James observed the same little boy.

There was no video evidence captured. Audio evidence was captured in the largest of the four cabins. The audio was that of an argument between at least two male adults. A dog was also on this recording. What was captured has been documented as a residual haunt. Although it is believed that both Residual and Intelligent spirits indeed haunt this resort, we were unable to document the intelligent Spirit as we can only base this on personal experience since no audio or video of an intelligent nature were captured. 

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