TriCounty Paranormal Group

2008 Past Investigations

Commercial Vessel - Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, WI
July 18th


The ship Captain contacted us regarding unusual activity and unknown voices heard while onboard. Due to the smaller size of this investigation the equipment used was more basic. Video cameras, EMF meters, laser thermometer, motion sensors, and voice recorders were the equipment of choice.
Personal experiences were scarce. The only significant experience was that one investigator constantly had the feeling of walking through cobwebs. Since this watercraft is used very frequently, cobweb buildup in main walkways should be non-existent.
No video evidence was captured. Our EMF meters showed no spikes nor did the motion sensors trigger. We did however capture a couple of clear EVP's. The little we had was actually enough for the owner to be satisfied with the findings and believe that this did have the activity that he always thought.
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