TriCounty Paranormal Group

2012 Past Investigations

Tamborrino House. Waupaca, Wis

Danny and Mara Tamburrino House, Waupaca WI
May 12, 2012

Danny and Mara's home was built by Conrad Gmeiner and his wife Carrie Delong Gmeiner. As a couple they also built the house next door to them for Carrie's parents Henry and Elizabeth Delong. You can read more about Danny and Mara's haunted house in Michael Norman's book, Haunted Wisconsin, 3rd Edition.

During the recorded walk-through of the Tamburrino house we listened to Danny and Mara talk about spirit activity in the house. Mara spoke lovingly about her grandmother Isabel (deceased), and feels she may be present in the house. She talked about making grandma's fudge recipe the first Christmas after she passed away. Mara said she spoke out loud to her grandmother, saying "grandma I don't know if I can make fudge like you used to". Mara said she walked into the kitchen and was suddenly struck by the fragrance of dill pickles—her grandmother's signature recipe. As Mara finished her story about the dill pickles, we captured an EVP saying, "I LOVE YOU."

While "I LOVE YOU" is not a class A EVP, we want you to hear it and compare it to others. There are different levels of EVPS. Some are very clear and human-like, while others are whispery, or mechanical. It really depends on so many things. And I'm sure it takes a lot of skill on the spirit's part and lots of energy to form words.

Just 11 seconds into the interview, a spirit announces, "READY." Listen as TCPG researcher Linda asks for permission to record, followed by homeowner Mara saying , "sure". You will also hear a bit of a youngster's whine in the recording—that would be Mara's daughter 2 year old Bella. Listen for the end of the clip--you'll hear the female spirit voice say, "READY."

At the top of the stairs is a door (now a closet, but formerly access to a stairway to the 3rd floor of the house. TCPG Director James Schilling turns the door knob . . . saying—yeah man, there's more to this. An EVp follows saying, "TOUCH IT".

The May 12 investigation at the Tamburrino residence was exciting. Researcher Linda Durrant and homeowners are waiting upstairs in the hallway—waiting for the camera crew to return for the next session. During the silence of waiting, a male spirit comments," WANTING THE SAME THING." As paranormal researchers we are grateful for messages like this one—knowing spirits want to communicate and are most often very polite.

Danny told TCPG investigators about seeing a dark human shape walking across the hallway and into a bedroom. As Danny tells his story, we capture an EVP of a male spirit confirming, "I SEE YA."

Homeowner Danny asked his deceased parents, what kind of a bike did he ride as a kid? A male spirit answers, "BUILT IT". Danny was blown away by this EVP at the reveal, as he explained this very special bike he received from his parents one Christmas was made from bicycle parts.

The bike story gets better and better. Researcher Linda Durrant asks Danny, how old were you? A spirit answers the question, saying "SEVEN, " as Danny quickly calculates he was around 8 years old. During the reveal Danny says he was guessing age 8, but went on to say if this is his Dad Angelo answering—he's probably correct.

Danny talked about being served green Jell-O to eat as he was resting in his bedroom after having some surgery. He left the room, and later returned to find the green Jell-O all over the ceiling above his bed. Danny asked the question that has bugged him for a long time, "who put the Jell-O on the ceiling?" A spirit answered his, giving the name "FRANK." So far, we're haven't found a connection for the name Frank.

92 EVPs were captured during the Tamburrino interview and investigation.