TriCounty Paranormal Group

2012 Past Investigations

Fenske Home. Waupaca,Wis

Deb and Steve Fenske Home, Waupaca
May 5, 2012
The Fenske’s haunted house story appears in the third edition of Haunted Wisconsin, by Michael Norman. What a great opportunity for TCPG to investigate this celebrated 1903 brick home and their original homeowners Henry and Elizabeth DeLong, retired potato farmers.
The house was a gift from Henry and Elizabeth’s daughter Carrie and son-in- law Conrad Gmeiner who lived next door.   Gmeiner was a successful manufacturer of bricks from 1900 until his death in 1943.
The Fenskes believe Henry DeLong does not like anyone closing the northeast bedroom door upstairs. Deb Fenske says she closes the door, and later finds the door open again.   In fact it’s become a battle, happening over and over.   Sometimes she hears the door opening and slamming against the wall.
Both Deb and Steve have seen their ghost and describes him as: older, wearing baggy overalls, a denim jacket, and broad-brimmed straw hat. The ghost stares for a few seconds, then vanishes.
Deb saw another bigger male spiriting standing in her bedroom by the window. She says, "he was dressed all in white and had dark hair". There is some evidence that Elizabeth Delong could not care for her husband Henry as he got older—and they may have hired a hospital orderly (dressed in white) to help with his medical needs. Deb saw this same spirit several times, hanging around in the hallway in front of the bathroom door. 
During the first investigation session in the upstairs master bedroom, we asked spirits, “could the man in white be a male nurse?” The spirit replied, “NO, THAT’S HENRY.” (Henry Delong, 1903 original owner).
The first session begins in the master bedroom upstairs. Our camera person Pam asks for a moment to make an adjustment to her night vision video camera and then the second camera person Connie makes a comment. You can hear a spirit after Connie speaks, informing everyone, “IT WAS MY HOUSE.”   We have 2 clips of this for you to hear; a long clip and a detail of "IT WAS MY HOUSE”.
While sitting on the bed we film Deb telling about the statue she keeps on her dresser. The statue shows up in different positions, sometimes turned around 180 degrees. Deb has experimented turning the statue facing their bed, and later finds the statue facing the mirror. She said she even positioned the statue, then jumped up and down trying to wiggle the statue 180 degrees—but her experiment did not budge the statue. While Deb tells her story on film, we captured this EVP of a spirit saying, “ SHADOWS”. (2 audio clips).
First owner Henry DeLong’s wife was Elizabeth. We hear her come through, speaking her nickname, BETS, or it could be BESS? Listen and tell us which one you think it is.               
Sometimes spirits are very clever and funny in their choice of words. This spirits says, “THEY HAVE TO” when we ask them to "come forward, and bring your friends, family and relatives".
Homeowner Deb Fenske asks, “if my grandparents are here, Paul and Adele Darrah. A male spirit replies, “PAUL IS HERE.”
We set up stationery video cameras in different locations of the Fenske house. None of these cameras have audio. While everyone was busy setting up equipment, we captured this crystal clear EVP commenting, ”SILENT FILMS”. 
During this investigation TCPG captured 167 EVPs to give to the homeowners.