TriCounty Paranormal Group

2012 Past Investigations

Amherst Inn. Amherst, Wis

Amherst Inn, Amherst, WI
April 28, 2012
Tom Ashline and Bob Rausch have painstakingly restored their Gothic style Victorian home.  Their house was built in 1877 by a wealthy merchant James Jacob Nelson, his wife Juneatta, and children Herbert, George, and Laura.  Son George Bliss Nelson became a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice.
Tom and Bob have had a lot of spirit activity in their house: fragrances, voices, objects moving, shadows walking in the upstairs hallway, and rattling kitchen items to new a few. 
During the investigation, the TCPG crew was caught by surprise with a strong citus perfume fragrance that seemed to come and go in the dining room. 
After James Nelson's death in 1931 the house became The Ellinger Hotel--visited by the Robin Hood gangster from Chicago John Dillinger who lunched in the dining room and left his waitress Miss Grace Ellinger a memorable $5 dollar tip--big money during the Great Depression years.
In 1956 Philomae Kedrowski purchased the house turning it into a nursing home.  She operated the nursing home for 10 years until she lost her license--as it is reported she was abusive to the elderly folks living under her roof.  During the next 20 years she operated the house as a boarding house and (rumor has it) a bordello.
Philomae was a little spit of a woman, and a chain-smoker who cursed like a sailor.  Her character is described as tough as nails.  During the investigation the TCPG crew experienced the powerful fragrance of her cigarettes and captured several EVPs giving clues she was still in the house in full force.
Warning:  hold on to your seat when you listen to Philomae shouting in the following EVPs:
4 people from TCPG including the cameramen and homeowner Tom heard a female voice say,” Yeah” (ITC) as Director James Schilling stepped into an upstairs parlor.
In the same upstairs parlor, our history/genealogy researcher Linda Durrant asks spirits if they want to hear a song, and begins singing a popular turn of the century tune called I’m forever blowing bubbles. Listen while Linda sings, “I’m forever blowing . . . . and the spirit finishes the last word “BUBBLES.”
TCPG Director James Schilling decides to sing also. He knocks on the wall singing, “SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT . . . ” And a male spirit finishes the jingle with “TWO BITS.”
During the investigation we watched as homeowner Tom Ashline stood midway on the front stair landing telling his experience of hearing voices out on the lawn--as if a group of people were having a party in the backyard.  At that moment Tom turned to look at the top of the stairs and saw a white filered shape of a woman standing in front of him.
Often a spirit will repeat words made by TCPG members. Audio Analyst/Investigator Connie made the comment, “its calling for a little red light.” And a spirit repeats, “RED LIGHT”.
 Immediately following that—a spirit thought to be a young girl—sweetly says, “HOLD THE LIGHT”.
When cameraman Will S. runs out of camera battery he asks for someone to shine a flashlight his way so he can change the battery and continue filming. A helpful spirit begs, “YES, SOMEBODY HELP.”
Our evening investigation ended 15 minutes past midnight—now into the wee morning hours.   Director James Schilling says, let’s wrap it up. And while the TCPG crew descends the back stairs, a spirit says to homeowner Tom who is standing in the upstairs hallway, “MORNING TOM”.
158 EVPs were captured during the April 21, 2012 Amherst investigation