TriCounty Paranormal Group

2012 Past Investigations

Durrant Victorian. Scandanavia,Wis

April 21, 2012
TCPG has investigated this 120 year old Queen Anne Victorian 4 times resulting in several hundred recorded EVPs. The Durrants (third owners) are restoring this home that sat vacant for decades. Linda Durrant keeps an on-going written journal of her experiences since acquiring the house in 2007 and has conducted genealogy studies on all of the previous owners and their children.
Spirits captured on EVPs have identified themselves by name: “BILL. MABEL, FRANK, DAVE.”   Mabel born 1887, turns out to be the youngest daughter of the original owner/builder of the house John Olson Wrolstad, a veteran of the Civil War. The other gentlemen spirits must be friends of Mabel’s, as those names do not appear in any of the genealogy studies of the two previous owners.  
On the occasion of the Wrolstad Reunion in August 2011, homeowner Linda Durrant opened her home for tour. After the reunion tour ended, TCPG conducted an investigation. Using a ghost box, TCPG investigators heard real time responses (ITC) to questions asked about the reunion tour earlier in the day.
August 2011 Durrant Investigation:
Linda asked, "I counted at least 50 people here today, how many did you count?" The spirit, a male, answers “70.”
In the East Bedroom a chair is offered to the spirits to sit and join TCPG investigators. Later on, one of the TCPG members sits in the chair and an EVP is captured of a female spirit commanding them to, “GET UP.”
April 21, 2012 Durrant House Investigation:
Terry Sullivan, a TCPG investigator asks:, “if there is anybody with us, see this device in my hand with the green lights? You can make the lights turn red and make it light up like a Christmas tree." Immediately an EVP is capture commenting on Terry’s request, “LIGHT ON.”
James Schilling—TCPG Director and Founder calls attention to a photograph of Ragnhild Bertine Quien (nicknamed Randy by her family) who was born 1885, daughter of the second owner.   Ragnhild’s room is the East Bedroom where the TCPG session is being conducted.   James begins the session by saying, “Randy we’ve seen your photographs.” A spirit responds “THAT’S FOR RANDY.”
James continues, “will you come in here and speak to us.” A spirit responds “I WANT TO.”
James, Sara, and two cameramen Will and Max are in the East Bedroom session. James asks the question,” including yourselves and the people I have here with me how many people are there? “ A spirit answers, “TWELVE.” If that spirit's math is correct, there are 4 living people in the room with 8 spirits.