TriCounty Paranormal Group

2012 Past Investigations

Peters house. Waupaca, Wis

April 14, 2012

Pam Peters purchased her 1918 brick four square home in Waupaca, WI in the summer of 2011. Soon after she moved in Pam experienced a female voice who greeted her by saying "HI." Pam thought it was surprised to hear an unexpected voice as she entered the back door of her home. Quickly she checked her answering machine, but found no messages. Pam said the voice was quite clear and sweet. She gave calls her house spirit Sophie, but the question always lingered in her mind—who is this female voice? Did she used to live here?

Pam painted her kitchen cabinets removing dozens of screws from the door hinges. She set the screws aside neatly in one pile while she finished painting the kitchen cabinets over several days. When Pam reassembled the door hinges, she discovered 21 screws were missing. The 21 screws have never been found.

February of 2012, Pam woke up in her bed and hit the snooze button hoping to catch a few more minutes of rest—only to be wakened by a sweet female voice saying, "TIME TO GET UP PAM." This happened twice in the month of February.

Pam's 2 year old grandson was watching cartoons in Pam's bedroom, but left her bedroom suddenly to join his grandma. Pam asked her grandson, "I thought you were going to watch cartoons?" He said left because there is a lady in the bedroom—a lady with glittery hair.

TCPG researched of the history of the Peters century old home—finding all the previous owners who lived there including its builder—a brick mason. Genealogy research gives TCPG investigators an opportunity to call-out spirits by name, and to develop a list of control questions for the investigation. Note: a total of 149 EVPs were recorded during the Peters investigation April 14, 2012. Here are some examples of those EVPs:

"PUT THAT BIG THING DOWN, THAT THING– During the investigation TCPG cameraman Will S. was experiencing flickering on his video camera screen—at that moment an EVP was captured of a male spirit commanding, "put that big thing down, that thing" (the camera was strapped to the front of Will's his chest).

"MY NAME IS MAGGIE WAGNER" – the house history/genealogy research conducted by TCPG showed Margaret and Henry Wagner were the first couple to live in the house built in 1918. We now believe Pam's house spirit could be "Maggie." Maggie and Henry Wagner owned the house from 1919 until 1955. They had no children.

"WE SHARE MY HOUSE WITH PAM "– I believe this male spirit could be Maggie's husband Henry. It occurs just two seconds after the female spirit says, MY NAME IS MAGGIE WAGNER.

"TELL THE BOYS" - TCPG Director and Founder James Schilling calls out to John Peterson the 1918 builder of the house—asking John if he wants to play a knocking game. The spirit replies by saying, "TELL THE BOYS".

You'll notice when listening to the EVPs we captured—there are various spirit voices, some male – some female indicating there are many spirits in the house.

At one point a spirit called out names, as if summoning other spirits to get in here. Listen to the two following EVPs.

CHUCK, WHERE'S CATHY? – first spirit asks a second spirit

WHERE'S CATHY ? . . . I'LL GO CHECK . . . TO SEE . . . AND FIND HER - Here is an example of a spirit asking a 2nd spirit named Chuck to go find a 3rd spirit named Cathy.

Please note we found no previous house owners family members named Cathy, no Cathy in Pam's family, and no Cathy in our TCPG crew. So, you tell us . . . where's Cathy? Ha. Ha.

OK, LET'S JUST WATCH - This EVP captures one spirit commenting to another spirit while we're setting up our equipment