TriCounty Paranormal Group

2012 Past Investigations

Tomahawk Lake Cottage

March 10, 2012
TCPG focused their overnight investigation at a lake cottage in Tomahawk, WI--empty now for almost a decade. Its former owner Bob passed away there alone one summer day. Weeks later his body was discovered by his family.     It wasn’t unusual for Bob to be alone in the cottage. He liked to fish, hunt, and he liked to drink. When Bob was still alive he lost his young son Steve in an accident. Perhaps this is why Bob distanced himself at times—staying alone in the lake cottage.
During the investigation homeowner Bob come through identifying himself by his nickname “ROCKY.” We also asked Bob,” do you take care of others there?” His replied was, “YEAH, STEVE . . . STEPHEN.” Bob was talking about his dead son Steve.
For this investigation TCPG used an ITC research device P-SB7 spirit box to listen for immediate spirit responses to control questions. The spirit box device makes a continuous AM/FM radio frequency sweep—providing white noise for spirits to form and convey their words.
It takes some time to get used to hearing spirit voices in the midst of white noise created by a spirit box.   You’ll want to listen several times to the EVPs below and we suggest you use headphones to help you hear better.
During set up of equipment we captured EVPs without the assistance of the spirit box—they are quite clear and you can compare the difference in spirit voices—confirming there are a number of spirits with Bob in his house.  Note: A total of 106 audio clips (ITC and EVP) were captured at the Tomahawk Lake Cottage on March 10, 2012.
YEAH, STEVE . . . STEPHEN – captured during Session 1
ROCKY – captured during Session 1
AND I HEAR YOU – During set up, investigators Jessica and Nikki are joking about having a drink and a spirit adds his comment.
GERIATRIC – Our Genealogy Researcher Linda is demonstrating the P-SB7 mini spirit box, and spirit refers to Linda as GERIATRIC.
I WILL WATCH – During set up, investigator Nikki is turning on her laptop, and a spirit adds his comment he’ll be watching her.
SHE WORK? – Out of the blue, a spirit watching the TCPG set up equipment comments about one of the female crew members.